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Free Radicals Detector ( F R D )

The scope of application:

Environmental free radicals are indicators of environmental pollution. This product can detect the concentration of free radicals in any body of water. It needs to be equipped with a 365nm UV lamp and a 0.45um syringe filter. The concentration of free radicals in water can be judged by the intensity of fluorescence.

Product description


Environmental free radicals are indicators of environmental pollution

What are free radicals?

Free radicals are mainly produced by pollution in the environment and cause abnormal conditions produced by normal substances. For example, oxygen (O2) in the environment is converted to superoxide radicals (O2-) due to pollution. The free radicals in the environment are constantly generated, and at the same time they are continuously neutralized and disappeared. The net value of the generation and disappearance is "environmental free radicals".

Free radicals may be continuously generated due to various pollution (air pollution, water pollution), microorganisms (bacteria, fungi), radiation (ultraviolet rays) and the high temperature of the internal combustion engine of automobiles.


Free radicals will cause harm?

Numerous scientific journals have reported that free radicals can harm the organism's immune and genetic systems. Therefore, the damage caused by free radicals has four characteristics:

First, the indefinite etiology (indefinitely): Owing to the damage to immune system, the causes to the death of aquaculture are hard to be identified.

Second, hereditary (hereditary): DNA damage & gene mutation, which leads to the fragile & feebler spawns.

Third, degenerative: Indirect injury results in the delay of the death which is observed after the rain.

Fourth, the irrrparable (irrrparable): Hereditary and immune cells are hard to repair once damaged. That is, recurring of diseases happens easily after injury.


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Free Radical Detector (FRD)


Detect the concentration of free radicals by using the phenomenon that the fluorescent substance reacts with free radicals to increase the brightness。


How to use??

Mix 50 cc of pool water with the free radical detection ingot for 5 minutes, then filter the mixed solution (filter paper pore size 0.45 μm), and finally irradiate the filtered solution with ultraviolet light (365 nm) for colorimetric conversion.


Free Radical Detector (FRD) can help
1. Understand the current water quality of the aquaculture pond.
2. Determine the appropriate treatment (Is the source of replacement water clean? Is the animal protection product suitable?)
3. Measure the dosage of animal health products (free radicals will rise when they are excessive)
4. Help water quality decisions
"Free radicals" concentration is an "early indicator" of water quality





Free Radicals Detector(FRD) can predict water quality changes in advance






Free Radicals Detector(FRD) can provide complete water quality information for the ponds.







Free Radicals Detector(FRD) can adjust the amount of biological agents used.





Free Radicals Detector(FRD) can understand the damage of rainwater to aquaculture ponds.

(The concentration of free radicals in rainwater is about 6 to 15 times that of aquaculture ponds)







Free Radical Detector (FRD) can help discover unknown mysteries in aquaculture.






Free Radicals Detector(FRD) is

the best decision basis for aquaculture