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Water Quality Analysis and Monitoring

Sheng Quan Co. Ltd. has devoted to research and field investigation in water treatment for years. Our professional team provides complete services for water quality analysis and monitoring, including salinity, pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, nitrate, nitrite, total dissolved solids, redox potential, water color and transparency, etc. We establish individual databases, find problems, give the best solutions, and offer detailed explanations for each customer.

Water Treatment and Water Quality Management

We analyze the critical factor that causes aquaculture diseases, free radicals. After analyzing the free radicals in aquaculture ponds, we provide the best solution with our herbal extract products, which neutralize free radicals and result in maintenance of water quality.

Purification of Aquaculture Ponds

Our ultimate goal is to manage the quality of aquaculture ponds, including the water and pond soil, and further minimize the issues caused by aquaculture diseases.