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Undine E

The scope of application:

A special water cleaner for aquarium water, use "Undine" at a ratio of 10 L of water to 1 ml of medicament.
"Undine" will be completely decomposed under the light, please add it once a week to keep the organism healthy.
Undine E especially strengthens the effect of removing ammonia and chlorine, while neutralizing environmental free radicals.

Product description

"Organic photocatalyst" is the best description and explanation of Undine. Undine and those harmful substances can be decomposed at the same time in the presence of lighting. It works like a "bomb" to eliminate harmful substances, which is highly effective and leaves no residues.

Pesticide residues cannot be totally removed by washing. Natural Undine D (plant-extraction) can guarantee 100% successful removal of pesticide residues remained in plants in a faster, safer and more convenient manner.


(A test for dissolved oxygen after adding UNDINE A in water)

The data increases rapidly from 4.4PPM to 14.6PPM, and finally reduces to 1.2PPM. At the beginning, dissolved oxygen becomes superoxide free radicals after adding UNDINE. As the oxidizing property in water increases, the data grows rapidly. Afterwards, the superoxide radicals attack the organic matter in water to decompose them and disappear, showing that UNDINE A has a "bomb-like" feature.


UNDINE Detoxification Experiment 1 (Type of Pesticide - Chlorine Compound)


UNDINE Detoxification Experiment 2 (Type of Pesticide - Organic Phosphorus Compound)


Undine E can neutralize environmental free radicals by its own light decomposition. At the same time, Undine E treats chlorine and ammonia in the water body, and the product of Undine E decomposition is safe and harmless.

Figure: Ammonia, Nitrite and Free available residual chlorine 1 liter and added 1 ppm UNDINE.


Figure: Compared with other water treatment agents, UNDINE can be better removed by qualitative experiments.


Undine  is extracted from the plant Calamus, Gromwell root and other plants. Undine  is derived from nature, and can be decomposed by light, causing no harm to nature. It is totally environment-friendly.


In the decomposition of the organic matter experiment (substitute methylene blue for organic matter), we add 1g of powdered Undine  (dilute) and to treat with light under a fluorescent lamp. After 10 minutes, 85% decomposition rate can be obtained. After 30 minutes, almost 99% decomposition rate was achieved.



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Figure: UNDINE ingredients do not contain antibiotics and toxic substances


Figure: UNDINE ingredients have no pesticide residues