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Aquaculture asia pacific reports on SQ BIOTECH


Aquaculture asia pacific reports on SQ BIOTECH

Zuridah Merican, PhD. Editor & Publisher, AQUA CULTURE Asia Pacific,

report on the impact of environmental free radicals on aquatic organisms in the latest issue of Aquaculture asia pacific.


The report is as follows

Free radicals in the water environment Sheng Quan Biotechnology has been working on this less well- known concept in aquaculture for several years. Seeker Chen said prior to this, researchers could not explain why diseases persist although water quality parameters were in the normal range, in terms of dissolved oxygen, nitrate, nitrite, ammonia and ammonia-N, pH, salinity, conductivity, oxidation-reduction potential and total dissolved solids. “Indicators of the water quality before the occurrence of diseases have been addressed often by researchers but according to our study on the environment, free radicals are the pre-indicator of water quality deterioration. Free radicals can cause damage to cells and immune systems.” The formation of free radicals, an unstable state of natural substances in the environment may occur anytime as environmental stimulations to the natural substances can change. For example, oxygen can become superoxide which is both highly toxic and active when receiving environmental stimulations. “The worse the environmental pollutants are, the greater the amount of free radicals in the environment, causing severe damage to the fish or shrimp. The free radicals come from air pollution and the microorganisms in the subsoils,” added Chen. The company has designed a simple, low-cost, and highly accurate free radical detector (FRD) that can quickly determine the concentration of free radicals in water with the naked eye. It has also developed a plant based free radical neutraliser.


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